How does our online dating and chat platform work?

How it works

The site is completely FREE to sign up and use. 

  • There are two message types, a "standard message" and a "buzz".
  • You get 1 new buzz.
  • You get 1 new standard message.
  • All message types do not accumulate and will reset every 7 days.


Confirmed chat

How it works

You can only send up to 2 messages (all types) to a single member without the other member needing to reply.

  • If the other member has replied, you have confirmed chat with that member.
  • Once you have confirmed chat with another member, you can send unlimited messages back and forth with that member without it affecting your messages count.


That's it!

Crush Corner - New Zealand - Online Dating and Chat

There are other features you can find out in Frequently Asked Questions.

We hope you enjoy your time on Crush Corner - New Zealand. :)